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ghostlyanimals is a website where you can learn more about animals of the world. Here, you will find different types of animals that are not usually seen in everyday life. Whether it be an animal from another country or even just one that is rare to see, ghostlyanimals has them all! With many articles on their site, there’s always something new to read and explore with each visit. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first visit or your 100th – come take a look at what they have for you!

This is a site where you can explore the world of animals that have gone extinct, and learn more about them through their scientific names, pictures, videos, descriptions, habitat information, and extinction dates. You can also find out what you can do to help by reading the “How You Can Help” section of our website. if you would like to contribute your own story or photo please contact us at admin@ghostlyanimals.com

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