5 Best Rabbit Toys(Review) of 2021.

A rabbit’s health and happiness are supported by three key elements:

Food is vital for every rabbit. It is important to give your rabbits adequate access to fresh water and timothy hay to help them live long and full lives.

In addition, your bunny requires a safe environment to live in. Provide a space away from other rabbits where they can socialize, preferably with hay and bedding.

Other factors contributing to the quality of a rabbit’s life include playtime. When keeping your bunny active, it is important to combine the best aspects of activity and social interaction. Doing so will not only help their overall fitness but also significantly improve their feeling and mental well-being.

Because of this, we’ve prepared a list of rabbit toy reviews. Keep reading to learn about our top 10 favorite toys for bunnies.

here is a quick summary of our best rabbit toys in 2021


Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Peter’s Woven Grass Small Animal


Harvested naturally from orchard grass is made. Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and nontoxic for your rabbit.
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Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rabbits


A rabbit-safe chew consists of wood pellets, a wood log, wood carrots, and a brightly colored block in vivid green, blue, and orange.
The attachment hook on the toy makes it possible to hang it in any natural environment.It’s just a disposable chew for your pet. Once they finish it, discard and purchase a new one.
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Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel


This highly-praised tunnel has 3 separate tunnels, built-in crinkle-crackle paper, peephole, and bell toy that provides your cat with multiple ways to have fun. a good source of exercise and fun
COMPETITIVE CLASS A: Polyester, spring steel, and protective ends for cat scratchers. In other tunnels, the center falls down, but not in this one!
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Oxbow Play Post Small Animal


There are no installation requirements.
Designed and constructed entirely from non-toxic materials that are bunny-safe.
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Prevue Hendryx 1097 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Toy


The Prevue Activity Center has also been chosen for inclusion on our list. Sisal tassel is used in construction. 100% natural sisal tassel is used for construction, which is suitable for small pets including rabbits. Check On Amazon

1.Peter’s Woven Grass Ball Small Animal Toy.

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Simple toys often result in the most enjoyable playtime for your rabbit. This is an excellent example of Peter’s Woven Grass Ball. Our rabbit testers thoroughly enjoyed pouncing, nudging, chewing on, and playing with this toy made of only orchard grass clippings that are woven into a 5-inch ball shape.

As you can see, one of the things that make a toy great is its fun factor, but toys must also be 100percent annual rabbit safe, and they should also have some additional health benefits. Peter’s Woven Grass Ball toy is made without dyes, colors, additives, or pesticides, and is totally safe to chew on. Encouraging dental health is a good way to help your rabbit.

Ultimately, we’ve discovered nothing about these rabbits that makes them dislike this toy from Peter’s. There are no apparent drawbacks to these treats apart from the fact that our rabbits have a taste for them and seem to chew them up very quickly, increasing our quarterly pet care costs.

  • Found naturally in orchards.
  • Dye- and color-free
  • Aromatic and gentle, so it is okay to chew on.

  • has proven benefits for dental health

  • Cheap but well-crafted.
  • Bunnies have a preference for tearing apart toys completely.
  • It will be expensive to keep replacing

2.Kaytee Perfect Chews Rabbit Toy.


This affordable rabbit toy from Kaytee is budget-friendly and made with rabbit-related activities in mind. At a price equivalent to an inexpensive cup of coffee, that was one of the favorites for rabbits for the money that we’ve tested. To discuss why it is deserving of the “best value” rating, we need to look at the product’s features.

With different textures, shapes, and colors to stimulate the interest of the curious pet, the Kaytee Perfect Chews toy is perfect for rabbits. Initially, our play-tester found the brightly dyed colors strange. But she quickly became interested and began to nibble and toss it around.

For the most part, there aren’t many toys or treats designed for rabbits that are more enjoyable and cheaper unlike this one from Kaytee. Rabbits are the only thing you have to watch out for when it comes to white rabbits. In dyeing the wooden blocks, a vegetable-based dye will leak onto your rabbit’s fur and coat its mouth and face in bright colors.

  • Affordable
  • Has a built-in clip, which means you can place it inside your rabbit’s enclosure to give it plenty of color and texture, color, and forms to chew on
  • When your rabbit chews on vegetable-based dyes in blocks, the colors may bleed onto his fur.
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3.Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel.

This exciting rabbit tunnel made by Prosper Pet is starting off our list. 
The toy is built out of three connected tunnels for small pets to discover, sneak through, and hide in. 
To stimulate your rabbit, the tunnel’s crackly fabric lining provides some additional stimulation as they navigate each section. 
Bunnies that like to impress themselves can have fun using this product.
The tunnel is made from ultra-tough, tear-resistant polyesterand is supported by sturdy steel frame. 
This guarantees your pet will be able to play for hours on end. 
The tunnel can be folded away and tucked away for simple and convenient storage once your pet has finished exploring. 
In addition to its gray color, this rug comes in fun colors like blue, red, and yellow, giving it sense of brightness in your household.
  • High quality and a very affordable price

  • Compatible with independent pets, permitting them to play however they like.

  • Dazzling color and pattern options add color and flair to your interior.

  • doesn’t take up much space

  • anxious pets may find the interior to be on the crackly side

  • Ideally suited to pet owners who prefer to have the dog entertain themselves

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4. Oxbow Play Post Small Animal Toy

The Oxbow Play Post has no rival when it comes to being an all-in-one playtime station. An interesting choice for your rabbit’s enclosure, this multi-level accessory is specifically tailored for dynamic and highly energetic rabbits. The Oxbow Play Post features a wooden post supported by a wooden base and adorned with strings of bells, tassels, and variously dyed blocks.

The Play Post is effectively applicable to low or dwarf-breed rabbits. This suited our Holland Lop perfectly, but it was completely wrong for our Flemish Giant who was at least two times as tall and much heavier.

For your information, it is approximately 7.5 inches tall. While the Play Post is rather pricey for a rabbit toy, consider how small your rabbit was before making this purchase.

  • tremendous variety of opportunities.

  • You can simply attach the cage’s post and base to the outside of the rabbit’s cage.

  • This item is ready to assemble.

  • Constructed entirely of materials safe for bunnies

  • fascinatingly expensive
  • not too big
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5.Prevue Hendryx 1097 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Toy

Also, this activity center, hand-woven by Prevue, is included on our list. A fully natural, sisal tassel-made habitat, it’s the perfect place for small pets to relax and play, such as rabbits. The grass that the toy is made from has a nice smell that your rabbit will enjoy.

It’s small enough to fit almost anywhere, and your pet gets a fun place to take a break or play.

It’s also edible, which satisfies your pet’s natural urge to chew. Please remember that holes form and you’ll have to replace them from time to time. Pet owners attest that their furry friends like the little hut, which gives an adorable, cozy spot for animals to relax in.

It can even be used as a basket if it is turned upside down. This toy is fun and convenient for rabbits, allowing them to play independently.

  • the affordability of the price point

  • All-natural materials are used to make this product.

  • It smells delightful to rabbits.

  • a nice look

  • Rabbits that are larger than this may have trouble fitting into it.

  • Will occasionally need to be replaced due to chewing

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Buyer’s Guide

Before you invest in a rabbit toy, we strongly advise learning more about the different types of rabbit toys currently available.

Rabbit Toys Have a Number of Advantages

One of the most mischievous and enquiring animals you’ll find in the wild is a rabbit. Your pet rabbit will immensely reap the perks of getting toys to chew on and move around, like the ones above.

It is certainly one of the most advantageous things to purchase for your rabbit: toys to chew on and manage. If rabbits become bored and understimulated, they become more anxious and neurotic. However, providing the rabbit with an abundance of fun and exercise will help it cut down as much as possible these negative gross.


The thing about rabbits is that they constantly have to chew because if they don’t, their teeth will get too long and that can cause problems. In the wild, plant matter and animal vocalizations will help wear down your rabbit’s constantly-growing teeth and help prevent traumatic cases of malocclusion.


For the safety of your rabbits, make sure to consider these factors :

  • construction is composed of natural materials
  • Unlike hardwoods, which can poison rabbits, it is made of softer woods, which are not poisonous to rabbits
  • completely free of any dangerous chemical dyes, fragrances, or plastics
  • These bunny toys are all designed to stay intact, which means they can’t be broken into smaller pieces that could be dangerous to rabbits.
  • Unburdened by or free of any hairpin angles or protruding strings

Rabbits will play with almost anything that does not pose a danger to their health and well-being. In other words, rabbits can also enjoy various types of cat and dog toys.

Final Words: best rabbit toys

With our top pick, the Peter’s Woven Grass Small Animal, we found that often the probably the easiest toys are the best for rabbits. Not only is it a worry-free option for your rabbit’s entertainment, but it’s also beneficial to their dental health. They’re relatively inexpensive, so you can buy multiples.

Keep your rabbit satisfied while remaining on a budget by trying out the Kaytee Perfect Chews Rabbit Toy. Despite all the toys we review, this is the most inexpensive, and it gives rabbits hours of fun and hygienic dental care for the price of an espresso.


This guide should have assisted you in finding the right toys to give your rabbit as a gift. Bunnies make for excellent toys, so hopefully, your next purchase will allow you to spend plenty of fun time with your preferred bunny pal.

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