Black Star Chickens: Facts about their size, egg laying, and more.

Black Star chickens are a popular choice among the homesteading and backyard-keeping communities because they are hardy, social, and produce a large number of eggs per year.

A crossbreed in which a New Hampshire or Rhode Island rooster was crossed with a Barred Rock Hen has been dubbed the Black Star.

The color of the chick when it is hatching can be used to determine the sex, which is really useful for breeding purposes. This also contributed to a chicken that, in my opinion, was absolutely stunning.


If you’re considering raising this particular breed of chicken, here’s everything you need to know about it:

The black star chicken behavior and personality traits.

All the other backyard chicken owners I spoke with agreed that the same things come up whenever people talk about Black Stars.

These are social, gregarious, easy-going, calm, and low-maintenance. In the past, I owned three couple months ago, and they seemed to enjoy being around me, so that was great.

Even when they’re looking for things around where I’m sitting, they will sometimes engage in playful foraging. This is a breed that should be on every family’s radar.

They are docile and easy-going and, because of this, are calm and good with other chickens. They will also be agreeable to having a rooster in the flock and can be trained to get along with other pets in the household.

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While they may be one of the more friendly, flexible, and pleasurable backyard chickens, they are nothing more than just chickens to be reckoned with. Perfect for beginners, or for anyone looking for an abundance of fresh eggs.

Black Star Chickens

Physique and physical attributes.

They are 6 and 8-pound chickens, respectively, of both genders.

Black is their main coat color. The rust-colored stripes on the Black Stars’ breasts help you distinguish between them and other breeds.

This color range varies greatly, and some are iridescent.

They are described as having black legs, yellow skin, red wattles, ear lobes, and only one comb on their heads.

It’s true that the majority of chickens like to go free-range, and this is accurate of Black Stars. They are curious, and will work hard to remove any creepy crawlers they find in your yard.

You don’t need to worry about missing them in your neighbor’s yard because they are not particularly flighty.

The color, size, and production of Black Star Chicken Eggs.

The egg color and production of Black Star Chicken are shown here.
Black Stars are both meat and egg layers. They are probably one of the finest backyard and farmhouse chickens because of their high egg production.

The average person who gets all of their nutrition and environmental factors met should expect to consume around five eggs each week. The average female lays about 250-300 eggs per year.

Eggs that are larger than oversized brown eggs are acceptable.

As previously mentioned, they only have peak usage for the very first 2-3 years, and they slow down after that.

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For your own personal use, with just 2 of these, you will have an ample supply of eggs throughout the year for yourself and your loved ones.

They make a good backyard chicken breed, don’t they?

One of the highest quality breeds for backyard chickens is the Black Stars (Black Sex-Linked chickens).

If you want many eggs, that’s all well and good.

Besides their ability to lay eggs, these chickens are hardy and healthy. They’re perfectly content to be in smaller or larger flocks.

These were some of the ways these flowers and herbs are especially great for use in urban and suburban settings:

While most backyard chickens don’t require much attention, low maintenance describes the breed of a chicken shown in this image. It doesn’t matter where you keep them—as long since they have meals, liquid, and some extra room to roam, they will be perfectly happy.


Many large eggs: I’ve mentioned this before, but large brown eggs are a frequent result of many large eggs.


You don’t have to worry about raising a ruckus, as all chickens are generally noisy, but Black Stars are one of the quieter breeds. It’s possible to earn a reward if you have nearby neighbors.


They are great for parents with kids and other animals because they are well-tempered. They have earned a reputation for being good-natured and kind, and tend to do well in busy households.


Resilient – The term “hardy” appears frequently when referring to the Black Stars. It is because they can adjust and handle all kinds of weather, big and small spaces, and everything in between.

Black Star Chickens
The average life expectancy of Black Star Chicken.

As with most chickens, their average lifespan is approximately 6 to 10 years.

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The black-capped roosters from Black Lagoon

Sex-linked chicks are sexed because of the different markings that appear on the sexes when they hatch.

In addition to the blackhead markings, male roosters are all marked with a tiny patch on their heads.

As they mature, they have a distinctly different appearance from females. Males that have the coloration to be part of the same species as the Barred Rock share a similar pattern when they are plucked.


When compared to other rooster breeds, the Brahman is fairly non-hostile and low on territoriality.

When purchasing Black Star chickens, check out these fascinating facts.

To summarize, some key points are:

In case you didn’t know, a Black Star sex-link crossbreed does not produce Black Star chicks.

An adult cockroach lays an average of 250-300 eggs each year.

At about 22-24 weeks of age, anticipate them to start laying down.

They are very approachable and very open to new chickens and other pets in the household.

Males weigh approximately 8 pounds, and females weigh approximately 6 pounds.

They’re generally not broody, and even if they are, they will not sit on eggs.

They have very tolerant body temperatures and enjoy doing things outdoors in the winter.

In conclusion.

The Black Stars are one of my absolute favorite chickens, and I feel their contribution to the community should be recognized.

As the name suggests, they are great for backyard flocks, urban settings, and homesteads. If you want to get started with raising chickens, I suggest considering a breed that is more beginner-friendly.

frequently asked questions

What color eggs do Blue Star chickens lay?

Black Star chickens lay blue eggs.

Their eggs are light brown. A run-of-the-mill, supermarket-shelf light brown chicken egg.

When do black star chickens begin to lay?

Typically, they are hatched around the age of 18 weeks and start laying between the ages of 22 and 24 weeks. These first few eggs will be small, but they’ll start to lay larger eggs shortly after.

how many eggs do black star chickens lay?

Black Star chickens lay a large number of eggs.

These are great layering ingredients. You’ll receive approximately 250 large eggs per year. It’s 5 times per week.

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