12 camel facts you didn’t know.

Camels are one of the most fascinating animals in the world, and they have been used for centuries by humans. They can be found in many different climates, from deserts to snowy mountain tops. However, there are a lot more interesting facts about these beasts that you might not know! In this blog post we will feature ten of our favorite facts about camels!

1.Staying  two weeks without drinking water

Camels can go for up to two weeks without drinking water, and they are able to store fat in their humps that allows them to survive while traveling across the desert.

2.Camels are herbivores, meaning they eat plants only 

Some other animals that belong in the same family as camels is the llama, alpaca, vicuna, guanaco along with gazelles and deer 

One can  travel across the southern Egypt desert via camel by following caravans carrying goods from one oasis town or village to another. The Nile Valley was traversed this way until bridges were built in 1932-1933.

Caravan trade continues today between East Africa’s port cities such as Djibouti City (Djiboutian capital).

2.Female camels have two uteri

-Female camels have two uteri so when they mate with a male camel it is possible for them to give birth twice at once!

3.Camels have been domesticated for over 12,000 years.

 They are still used in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan to carry heavy goods across the desert or as pack animals – their hump should be considered a highly valuable resource!

The humps on camels store fat that they can use when food is scarce. This helps them survive. when food is scarce, it uses it as food. When the hump is broken and emptied of its fat, the hump will lose its shape and begin to droop.

4.Camels have a three-chamber stomach.

In addition to the long hairs that are believed to help reduce heat, camels also pee on their legs! It is thought this helps cool them down too. Peeing can be used for cooling themselves off as well

The Bactrian camel has two humps and they store fat. This is very essential for their survival. 

 When food is scarce, they can use it as a food source.

5.Ability to fight off diseases

Camels are born with an ability to fight off diseases like pneumonia and parasites that affect the lungs. They get this from their mother’s milk which has antibodies in it

Dromedaries have one hump because of how many ribs each side has .They store fat. It is the tallest of the three species of camels.

6.Camels can store food in their humps. 

They can survive without water for about 18 days as long they feed on stored fat and the hump holds up well 

It is not easy to tame a camel because it has an acute sense of smell that makes it fear humans, but once you’ve tamed them, they have a very strong loyalty towards their owner. You just need patience when dealing with camels.

The Bedouin (Arabian desert) people are known for being excellent at handling camels. One way to tell if someone knows how to handle the animal is by looking at where he sits: If his legs are wide apart then there’s more than likely a good chance he knows what he’s doing . 

Mother camels carry their calves up to 14 months before giving birth.

7.Camels have a lifespan of about 40 years and can live on average for up to  15–50 years.

8.Female camels have two uteri

-Female camels have two uteri so when they mate with a male camel it is possible for them to give birth twice at once!

9.Camels Are Fast and Powerful Creatures 

A camel can run up to 25 miles per hour in a sprint for short distances or at 17 miles an hour over long distances. They will often use this speed as protection from predators, by running away until the predator has given up on.

10.Camels are remarkable in that they can carry a massive weight.. 

Some can carry up to 400 pounds at a time.

It’s Not Just Their Feet That Carry Them Around  

Camels have three toes on their back feet and only one toe on the front, which gives them great stability when they are standing or walking around in rough terrain. They also have thick pads that help protect their feet from rocks.

11.The camel has a number of features that help it endure harsh desert conditions.

 To keep out dust and sand, they have a large, double-layered flap of skin that covers the nostrils and mouth. Camels also  have thick eyelashes to keep sand out of their eyes, which can be an issue when they are running across sandy areas at high speeds.

12.They Can Live in Almost Any Kind of Environment.

Camels are able to survive in extreme environments because they have a special system which helps regulate their body temperature, no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

They can also store fat that would otherwise be used as an energy source for other creatures.

Conclusion on 12 facts about camels:

Camels have an amazing ability to travel long distances without water. They are able to store fat and sugars in their humps which they can use as fuel for energy when food is not available.

These animals also produce a protein called guanine that helps them survive extreme arid environments, making them the perfect animal for desert climates like those found in Arabia and Africa.

Have you ever traveled by camel? What was your experience like?


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