Can Gerbils Eat Cheese?

can gerbils eat cheese?

Cheese is considered a staple and healthy meal in most households all over the world.

It is delicious food that can be garnished with various items or served alone.

The question of whether gerbils can eat cheese, however, has many people asking themselves this very question due to its high fat and protein content.

Because of the fat and cholesterol content in cheese, it is generally not recommended that gerbils be given cheese as a staple of their diet.

Cheese can be given to them occasionally for a treat though without pain or harm coming to the animal.

It should also be noted that while some human food for gerbils is healthy, some is not.  Gerbils cannot eat the same things that humans can, and this means that many types of cheese are off-limits.

Can Gerbils Eat Cheese?

Cheese is an excellent source of protein for gerbils, but they are lactose intolerant and should only be fed in tiny quantities. The lactose intolerance that these animals have makes it difficult for them to digest cheese.  

While small, infrequent servings of this dairy product are fine, gerbils should not be fed too much cheese.

If you’re feeding your gerbil cheese, it should generally be in very small quantities–no more than about one ounce per day.

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Is Cheese Bad for Gerbils?

Cheese is not bad for gerbils–in fact, they can eat cheese if given to them occasionally.  The problem arises when gerbils are fed too much cheese.  While some cheeses have good nutritional values, there is a high fat and cholesterol content in all types of cheese which can cause issues for your pet.

Cheese can give a sense of fullness to the animal, but it’s important to note that this feeling won’t last long and that the gerbil will most likely start eating again shortly.

Too much cheese can also result in a host of gastrointestinal issues including gas and diarrhea, all of which are unpleasant for your pet to go through–and you if you have to clean it up.

What Type of Cheese Can Gerbils Eat?

As noted above, gerbils can eat cheese–but only in very small quantities.  Cheeses that are safe for them to eat include:

Cottage Cheese –

Some people suggest that you avoid regular and low-fat cottage cheeses, but it’s unlikely that this type of cheese will hurt your pet.

However, you should still limit the amount that you give your gerbil in a single serving to no more than about one ounce.

Swiss Cheese –

This type of cheese generally has fewer calories and less fat than most other types, making it ideal for gerbils on diets or who need to limit their intake.

Most animals can eat about one ounce of this at any time with no issues.

Just keep in mind that the more you feed your gerbil, the more likely it is to experience gastrointestinal distress and lead to other problems.

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Pepper jack cheese –

This type of cheese has a bit higher fat content than Swiss, but it’s still considered safe for most animals.

You can give about one ounce to your pet with no problems.  It’s important to note though that gerbils won’t generally eat this or any other type of cheese if it is not mixed in with their typical food pellets.

Mozzarella –

While some owners say they’ve given this type of cheese to their pets without issue, others have noted that the addition of this type of mozzarella to the animal’s diet can lead to a decrease in appetite and a change in stool.

You’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not you want to try giving your gerbil this type of cheese, but keep in mind that it may have an adverse effect on your pet.

Cheese as a Treat

As a treat, cheese can be a nice alternative to sugary treats that may provide your pet with a short burst of energy but no real nutritional value.

However, because cheese has high fat and cholesterol content, it should only be given as a very rare treat–and even then you should limit the amount that you give to your pet.

If you’re feeding your gerbil cheese, it should generally be in very small quantities–no more than about one ounce per day.

Gerbils don’t need cheese to live a long and happy life.  Instead of feeding them this dairy product, use their limited intake as a rare treat that they can enjoy every once in a while.

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