Can guinea pigs eat frozen peas?

Guinea pigs are so cute! I love their round faces and how they look like little hamsters. They’re adorable, but what do you feed them?

Have you ever tried to give your guinea pig a frozen pea? It’s not the best idea in the world, but it can be done.

Frozen peas don’t have much nutritional value for guinea pigs and could cause digestive problems when eating too many of these.

Do you love to give your guinea pig a cool treat on hot days?

You might be surprised to find out that frozen peas (and other vegetables) are not good for them!

Read below to learn more about why this is and what they can eat.:

Can guinea pigs eat frozen peas?

Unfortunately, they can’t at all. Frozen food is very bad for guinea pigs to eat and should be avoided as a result of their delicate digestive system which often leads them into an early grave due to malnutrition or other ill-effects from eating too much unhealthy material within its contents like preservatives that will only do damage over time when ingested by this species’ small body size

Frozen items also don’t offer enough nutrients so you’ll need fresh veggies instead! You definitely want your pet happy & healthy; we always recommend sticking with natural sources if possible

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