can hamsters eat cookies?

Can hamsters eat cookies? I’m glad you asked! This is a question many people ask themselves. Find out more in this post!

Why can’t they eat too much cookie dough? If too much is eaten, the hamster’s stomach will get upset and make them sick.

-What about sugarless or fat-free cookie dough? That type of cookie dough would probably be okay because there are fewer calories than regular cookie dough.

hamster is a fun, interactive animal that loves to explore its environment. However, they may not be interested in what you feed them or prefer foods that you would not typically consider as pet food.

Do hamsters eat cookies? No, they will not eat hamster food or cookies. They will also enjoy some vegetables, but those two things should not make up the majority of their diet.

Make sure to provide your hamster with plenty of fresh water and snacks like small pieces of apple.

can hamsters eat cookies?

When we think about how much our pets love us, we tend to want to spoil them with treats, food that humans would eat.

However, A cookie is a type of “human junk” food that should not be offered to your hamster. Hamsters are omnivores, so they need a balance of grains, vegetables, and proteins.

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