how long do peacocks live?

The peacock is one of the most iconic birds on earth, with its rich and vibrant feathers. But do you know how long a peacock lives? How many eggs does it lay each year?

The post below will answer all your questions about this amazing species!

The average lifespan of a peacock is 12 years in captivity but can be as little as 5 years in the wild.

This is mainly due to predation from larger animals such as foxes or eagles. In captivity, they live much longer because there are no predators to hunt them down for food.

Peacocks have been known to produce up to 10-12 eggs per year which hatch out after 28 days into chicks that look just like their parents.

how long do peacocks live?

The majestic peacock has long been a symbol of life and fertility in many cultures. Their elegant beauty is both admired by humans and desired to be part of their gardens, as they are an unusually attractive bird for people who love being surrounded by all sorts of rich colors like the blues that come from this beautiful creature’s feathers.

With such great longevity when thriving naturally, it would make sense why some breeders claim these birds can live up to 40 or more years even if living inside captivity – which may seem strange at first since we’re used to seeing them only outside!

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In wild conditions, peacocks have reported lifespans around 20-years old but those living under human care (and not always so humane) report higher numbers between 30

Do peacocks make good pets?

Keeping peacocks as pets is not easy. Not only do they need a lot of space, but there are many different types and the green peafowl has been classified as an endangered species so it would be illegal to keep them as pets if you live in Australia or India where this bird still lives.

It’s not all fun being someone who owns a pet peacock because these birds require more than just beautiful plumage! The fact that people can’t own one from their country anymore makes owning one even harder – unless somebody wants to import from overseas which will also cost money for food and other supplies needed when caring for exotic animals like these ones here.

How can you tell the age of a peacock?

Seeing a baby peacock is an amazing experience. They change so much over the first few years of their life, and it’s fascinating to watch them grow up.

There are many indications that you can use to gauge how old they are; for example, when they turn 3 years old after all their tail feathers have fully developed, but once eye feathers seem like there may be too many variables at play in order to determine age accurately

Do peacocks mate for life?

Peacocks are not monogamous creatures, but that’s okay because they’re all talk and no action.

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Peahens need to sit on the eggs by themselves without help from peafowls since peacocks don’t participate in raising any offspring.

Fortunately for those of us who have a romantic bone or two left somewhere inside our bodies, there are one species of a bird where both partners choose each other as their mate every year.

Why do peacocks cry at night?

Once a year, the peacock utters its distinctive call to attract females. Sometimes it will do so if hearing another male’s calls or when startled by a loud noise like an airplane engine in flight overhead—a sure sign that they are ready for breeding season!

Male peafowl uses their famous courtship displays of strutting and fanning out their feathers during mating season as part of attracting female counterparts.

Known scientifically as “calling”, this display is most often done just before dawn because at night other males would be attracted instead.

conclusion: how long do peacocks live?

How long do peacocks live? A lot of people ask this question, but the answer is that it’s very difficult to know for sure.

Some sources estimate anywhere from 10-20 years, while others say they only live up to 5 years in captivity and have an average life expectancy of about 2-3 years in the wild.

The problem with estimating a peacock’s life span is that there are so many factors at play: diet, habitat size, predators…

the list goes on! What we can tell you definitely though is that their lifespan will be much longer if they’re not being hunted by animals or humans; as soon as one member of any species begins hunting them regularly, their numbers start going down quickly.

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